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DSF History

In Sweden the dancesport has been organized in different forms during the years. This is a brief history of Swedish Dancesport Federation (DSF) and some milestones.


1967 The Interim boards meet on Birkagården, Stockholm (December 16)

1968 The formation of the DSF is at Birkagården, Karlsbergsvägen 76, Stockholm (February 25)

Five member organizations are present on this historic day.

- The Ballroom Dancing Club, Gothenburg

- Birka Dansklubb, Stockholm

- Giraff Club, Gävle

- Gävle Danssportklubb, Gävle

- Sportdansklubben Ringen, Norrköping

1968 Swedish Dancesport Federation admission in ICAD1 (April 28)

1968 On the additional community meeting the statutes are change. The decision was “also a student union affiliation dance institute or dance school to accommodate the SDF2, without the need for bylaws and obtain the same rights and obligations existing club”. (October 6)

1977 Swedish Dancesport Federation admission in Riksidrottsförbundet (RF)

1980 Sweden becomes a member in ERRA3 (European Rock’n’Roll Association, founded in 1974)

1984 Bugg and Rock’n’Roll federation enters Swedish Dancesport Federation.

1985 Rock’n’Roll awarded Swedish Championship status.

1987 The sections are formed inside Swedish Dancesport Federation.

1988 Bugg and Doublebug awarded Swedish Championship status. 

1992 Jitterbug (Lindy Hop) awarded Swedish Championship status.

1993 New organization inside Swedish Dancesport Federation with committees.

1995 Boogie Woogie awarded Swedish Championship status.

1996 Swedish Dancesport Federations website (danssport.se) sees the light. (December 12)

1997 The competition for club teams in BRR-dances awarded Swedish Championship status.

2002 World Championship in dance are for the first time arranged at home for first time by Dancing Team Club, Hammarö (DTC)

2003 Danssport.se get a new platform and new look.

2004 New organizational form within the Swedish Dancesport Federation with the Operational Department. (April 4)

2004 Membership can be awarded to all sports associations engaged in sportdance in the exercise or competitive form.

2006 Linedance begins its journey in Swedish Dancesport Federation

2007 World Championship in Bugg, Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie are arranged in Halmstad. (October 6)

2008 Swedish Dancesport Federation turns 40 years old. (February 25)

2008 The newspaper Dancesport (earlier Swedish Dancesport and Around the parquet) closed down. (January 1)

2008 World Championship in Boogie Woogie and European Championship in Bugg are kept in Varberg. (October 11)

2009 World Championship in Bugg and Lindy Hop are arranged in Växjö. (October 10)

2010 The Allround Cup is arranged for the first time.4

2011 Swedish Dancesport Federation starts live broadcasting on internet from six competitions in Sweden.

2011 World Championship in Bugg, European Championship in Boogie Woogie and the first World Cup ever held in Lindy Hop are arranged in Karlstad. (September 24)




1 ICAD stands for International Council of Amateur Dancers. On November 11, 1990 the ICAD change its name to IDSF (International Dance Sport Federation) and on June 19, 2011 to WDSF (World DanceSport Federation)


2 The orginal name was SDF (Svenska DanssportFörbundet)


3 ERRA (European Rock’n’Roll Association). ERRA change its name in 1982 to WRRA (World Rock’n’Roll Association after Canada’s entry. In 1984 WRRA and FMDJ (Fédération Mondial de Dance de Jazz) are combined into WRRC (World Rock’n’Roll confederation). WRRC administers the Rock’n’Roll-dances and is a member of WDSF.


4 In Allround the competing pairs in the four disciplines; Bugg, Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Rock’n’Roll. The couple that get the best total score wins. In the Cup the couples compete in three contests and get scores from each competition.

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