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Anmälan till Online-tävling WRRC

21 OKT 2020 14:40
Här finns information om hur man anmäler sig till WRRC online-tävlingar.
  • Skapad: 21 OKT 2020 14:40

  1. To participate in the Online World Cup, dancers must be registered on WRRC (annual registration fee – 25 EUR per person). Without that, the couple cannot be announced. As on normal competitions, they will have to pay the starting fee (10 EUR per person, per competition day). The invoice for the starting fee will be sent to the National Federation, after the airing day of each competition.
  2. For each BW category (Main Class, Seniors, Juniors) 3 Online competitions will be organized, and there will be also a special Online World Cup ranking list for each category.
  3. The music list will be published as soon as we will clear the musical rights for online streaming – I hope quite soon.
  4. For each competition, WRRC will publish the special Code name. This Code name must be written on the piece of paper, together with the number of the music from the list of music on which the couple will dance, and shown to the camera before the performance of the couple (This ensures, that we will have different videos on each competition). The Code name will be published 16 days before the airing day.  On the airing day, we will have live video-judging during the public video-stream for the audience.
  5. Couples can be announced in advance on the competition, but video can be uploaded only after the announcement of the Code Word, and the latest on the date of the deadline for announcements. That gives the couple 6 days for filming the videos. Videos can be uploaded only by the National administrator, through the official WRRC Registration site.

More detailed instructions about technical requirements for the videos will be published on the WRRC site.


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