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WDSF Academy Online Educational Program

26 MAJ 2020 10:53
Nedan kan ni läsa information från WDSF angående Academy Online Educational Program.
  • Skapad: 26 MAJ 2020 10:53

Dear WDSF Members,


I hope that all of you, and your loved ones are well. In this time of disruption and change, I continue to wish you all wellness and health.


I am glad to announce that the WDSF Academy, together with renowned athletes and coaches, have jointly put together an online program for all our athletes and trainers around the world. 


Specifically, we will be releasing a series of educational videos free-of-charge for the benefit of our athletes and trainers on our WDSF website. A new DanceSport educational video will be launched on a weekly basis, starting this coming Tuesday, May 19th, 2020. 


I would also like to acknowledge and thank our the star athletes an renowned coaches for their contributions to our DanceSport community. 


Enjoy the videos, and may you all stay safe and healthy.


Warmest Regards,


Shawn Tay

WDSF President

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